Welcome to the community of Gobbleville


Gobbleville is a small town where the characters are turkeys that behave like people. The suburban landscape sets the stage for the citizens of Gobbleville to live and work. They attend barbecues, fairs, festivals and parades in a homespun community .

The background setting is a time when there was a cultural explosion of museums, amusement parks, and themed restaurants.

At the center of Gobbleville is City Hall, where the irrepressible JUDGE JINNY holds court. Around the corner is ‘Gotta Flap’ Dance Studio. At Wattle View School, MISS STIKKLEBOWER teaches general education. The ‘Feather Fluff’ Beauty Salon is the hub of gossip and everything that’s happening in town. Over at the National Bank, GRANT is a banker who is extremely tight with money. Next to the bank is the ‘Okie Dokie’ Diner. The server, ENID, has been around the block more then a few times.

ZIONA is a neat freak, jovial and overly friendly at the ‘Spick & Span’ Dry Cleaners. It’s usually slow at the Spring Valley Fire Department where WOODROW is the chief, HOOSER and SPARKEY are the firemen. At Slim Gym, JIM is the trainer. ARBUCKLE runs the ‘Kee Kee Run’ Arcade. Near the Gas Station is ‘Fan the Tail’ Lanes where ROWAN checks out the shoes and personally sets up the wooden pins. Their grocery store is Reed’s Feed Shop with grass, grain, insects, berries, vegetable scraps and leafy greens.


Gollywood, which is dominated by the film industry, is nearby. Gollywood is electric and promoted as the most glamorous place in the world. The turkeys of Gobbleville are skeptical of this big city because it just seems so outlandish.

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About Us

Henrietta Pearl

Henrietta Pearl is the best stage mom since Mama Rose.

Henrietta Pearl is an accomplished actress who has starred in many productions at the Korn-a-Plenty community theatre. She is the most driven stage mom since Mama Rose in 'Gypsy'. 

Miss Stikklebower

Miss Stikklebower is the school teacher at Wattle View School.

Miss Stikklebower is every turkey's favorite school teacher and Anamazie's role model. She teaches general education and good community morals at Wattle View School.

Mr. Albright

Mr. Albright is a talent scout for Gollywood Studios.

Mr. Albright is a talent scout. He discovers Anamazie at 'Gobbleville's Got Talent' and is so impressed that he invites her to take a screen test to star in the next big film.

J.B. Tuttlebaum

J.B. Tuttlebaum is the most sought after director in Gollywood.

Anamazie arrives at Gollywood Studios and is escorted to the sound stage. She meets the famous film director, J.B. Tuttlebaum, and reads a scene with his assistant. J.B. smiles as Anamazie says her lines.

Edith Noggin

Edith Noggin is the main costume designer is Gollywood.

Edith Noggin designs the perfect costume for Anamazie in her first film "The Turkey and I'. She is especially knowledgeable on the right colors and needed movement for musicals.

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Jake Quigglemap

Jake Quigglemap is a leading actor in Gollywood.

From old Gollywood to current time, Jake Quigglemap is among the leading hearttrobs and rising stars in film. He can be temperamental on set but well worth it for the box office draw.